Place to See

Tourist Spots of Tamenglong

  1. Buning: Buning is the breath taking meadows for sightseeing which is situated under Tamei Sub-Division ,15 kms away from Tamenglong H.Q.
  2. Barak Waterfall: Barak Waterfall is splendid for rafting and unique spot for tourist. This is the place where Asha (a Hero of Rongmei) who hammered and place of occasional visiting place.
  3. Kisha Khou: Kisha Khou is the magnificent cliff of mount for the trekking and the then bideant of Haipei Rani Gaidinliu during 1935-1940.
  4. Zeilad Lake: This is another mystical and legendary lake of natural water where Haipou Jadonang obtained might & spiritual power to fight against the British then and this is the best spot for boating in modern days.
  5. Tharon Cave: This is the mystical cave and the abode of fruit bats for adventure where different types of Hall like Lous hall, Dancing Hall, Meeting Hall and others are there. About 12 caves are located under neath.